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The Dinogeddon Character Maker is a game based on Kaylie McDougal’s webcomic, Dinogeddon.  The programming was done by Ola Rogula, and the original artwork was done by Kaylie McDougal, who also goes by Kayliesaurus-rex .

The ComicEdit

Dinogeddon is set in a post-apocalyptic world where dinosaurs roam the wasteland, rival gangs fight for dominance, and small communities just try to survive.  It was started in April of 2011 and was last updated in October of 2013.  The comic focuses on Ronni, leader of the T-Wrecks gang, and her rivalry with Tura, the ex-military leader of the Rippers.

Special FeaturesEdit

The Dinogeddon Maker is unique in that it has three different body types to choose from. Each body type has identical clothing options, and each piece has been lovingly drawn to fit each body. Many of the clothing, hair, and facial options are directly from the Dinogeddon comic, but the diversity of these options make it easy to create all sorts of characters wearing post-apocalyptic fashion.

Because the dollmaker is based on a comic, it's a given that it includes drag and drop speech bubbles. You can type in your own text and rotate the bubbles as you see fit. If you use the "flip" tool on them, the text stays the same instead of mirroring itself.

At the request of dozens of users in beta testing, circles, lines, and even wedges were added to the drag-and-drop section to give the player the ability to modify or even create different clothing than what is already available in the game.  The circles even come with “shaded” versions - that is, every color in the palette has its shaded counterpart, making it even easier to make seamlessly modified clothing, or other items.

Extra itemsEdit

There were many highly-supported suggestions by premium members when the game was in the beta testing stage, and for a variety of reasons, the extra items couldn’t be drawn.  Two DollDivine users stepped up to the challenge.  Hyper_piggie drew spiked flats to add to the wardrobe, while Missa was determined to add more.  Missa drew all of the dinosaurs except the pterodactyl, as well as a whip, a combat knife, an ammo belt, a hoodie, and modified the boots in the game to make heels.  They are given special credit on the first page of the dollmaker, after the “play” button is clicked.