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Tutorial by SpidermanUndies on Neptune's Daughter

Tutorials on are Galleries or single dolls made to show a step by step guide on repositioning a doll, a body part, a dress made of drag and drop or even on how to create whole landscapes.

A collection of the most popular tutorials:

On repositioning Edit

For Pixie Edit

  • By SnowPanda73:

  • By peanut251002:

  • By Daisycat:

For Neptune's Daughter Edit

  • By BBchan:

  • By TheLadyBlue:

  • By SpidermanUndies

  • By Latsy:

For Erte Elegance Edit

  • By Matar:

  • Detailed Geisha repo and face repo by TheNightLife:

For LOTR-maker Edit

  • By AbigailNZ111

On creating faces Edit

For Pixie Edit

  • By Ygritte:

  • By Evalynna:

On creating fabrics Edit

For Neptune's Daughter Edit

  • By Sancutary:

  • and whole dress on ND

  • By Starshipsally:

  • Entire Dress on ND by Mytherva:

For LOTR-maker Edit

  • By Inanna:

  • and fur

For Sailor Senshi 3 Edit

  • By xRockingMelodyx

  • Sweater Tutorial By Royal_Ravenclaw

For Princess Maker Edit

  • Sweater Tutorial By Mytherva

For Urban Chic Edit

  • Entire dress on UC By Mytherva


For Erte Elegance Edit

  • By Starshipsally:

On creating various objects Edit

For Pixie Edit

  • Hot Air Balloon by SaphiX:

On creating backgrounds and landscapes Edit

For Erte Elegance Edit

  • By FrozenWhisper:

For Pixie Edit

  • Video by Eatha:

On shading Edit

For Disney princess maker Edit

  • By rose-renee

For X-Girl Edit

  • By screamFor

For Sailor Senshi and Flutterbug Edit

  • By Forgotten

For Pixie Edit

  • By White_Queen94