The icon for the Viking Maker.

  The Viking Maker is an exclusive dollmaker on Dolldivine.  The art was done by Alisa Christopher and was programmed by Ola Rogula.  
"Create and dress up a fierce Viking woman.  Arm her with weapons and accessorize with a plethora of drag and drop items!"

In this game, you can dress up a Viking woman in various outfits, from everyday clothing to full armor.  It was one of the first games with an extensive drag-and-drop menu, paving the way for games like Erte Elegance and the Pixie Scene Maker .  The drag and drop menu includes things like gems, leaves, flowers, feathers, runes, and even blood and dirt splatter.  It was the first game to implement a rotation option that was fully controlled by the user, instead of a random rotation given to the item picked.